Our Company

EnCom Alternative Energy Solutions Ltd. of Dartmouth, was established in 2003 to service the surrounding area and provide residents with all their standby electric and renewable energy  solutions.

Over the last dozen years EnCom has installed hundreds of clean burning Generac generators (propane and natural gas) within the region, both residentially and commercially.  

For nearly ten years EnCom has been installing solar hot water (thermal) and solar photovoltaic (electric) systems to city and country dwellers all around the province.  In addition to installing and servicing these systems, we offer distribution of all of our solar thermal components and prepackaged systems across Canada.

For electrically heated homes with clients looking to gain immediate savings on their ever-increasing electric bills, EnCom installs industry-leading mini split heat pump systems  - on average, a mini split heat pump system replacing electric baseboard heating will result in electricity savings of over 60% resulting in very low pay back periods on these installations.  By taking advantage of rebates from Efficiency Nova Scotia under their Green Heat Program, qualifying candidates can save even more!

EnCom works with homeowners, homebuilders, contractors, business owners, property developers and residential & commercial landlords to create tailored solar thermal system solutions.  EnCom client list includes Atlantic Canada's largest residential landlord, Killam Properties, and NSHBA "Homebuilder of the Year 2011" Award-Winner Rooftight.  

Our staff of knowledgeable, dedicated professionals, take pride in providing outstanding, personalized service to our customers and our community. Call us today and become one of our many satisfied customers.