Our Philosophy

With a motto of "Energy Solutions to Benefit our Global Community", EnCom strives to promote energy products and systems that will enable customers to make a huge impact on their existing energy footprint.  By utilizing the energy of the sun, clients are able to generate hot water or electricity for use at home or in their businesses thus reducing their overall fossil fuel or electrical load.  Once the system has been paid for, the energy is free for the duration of the life of the system therefore providing a fantastic financial instrument in which to invest and profit from. By using a mini split heat pump system rather than a traditional electric baseboard system, clients are poised to save at up to two-thirds on their electricity relating to home heating costs! 

With generous incentives currently available from Efficiency Nova Scotia on solar thermal preheat systems installed in electrically heated homes, namely the $1000 cash incentive, residents of Nova Scotia are well positioned to save further by making positive energy choices that will pay them back for years to come!  Information about the incentive and low interest loan for solar thermal systems can be found at the following website:   http://www.efficiencyns.ca/