Financial Incentives from Efficiency NS on our Solar Hot Water Systems


Clients who use electricity for water heating (domestic, space or both) in Nova Scotia and are looking to have a solar thermal domestic hot water preheat system or a solar thermal preheat combo system (domestic water + space heating) installed can choose from either the:  $1000 incentive OR the 2% interest loan currently available from Efficiency Nova Scotia (available up to 5 years). 

For electrically heated homes,  homeowners who know which type of system they are looking for, the Green Heat program application should be completed: ENS_Green-Heat-Pre-Approval.pdf

For electrically heated homes, homeowners who require some guidance regarding the optimum system can apply for a Home Energy Assessment through Efficiency Nova Scotia ($99 charge) to qualify for incentives, further details here:  Home-Energy-Assessment-Rebate-Guide.pdf



For commercial clients heating their domestic hot water (or hot water for space heating) with electricity, the existing cash back incentive per collector is still available through Efficiency Nova Scotia Call today for your free site assessment.   Read more about the incentive here:  BER-Commercial-Solar-Pre-Approval-Application.pdf