HALIFAX SOLAR CITY 2017 - Low Interest Loans for ALL Solar Systems


The Halifax Regional Municipality's award-winning Solar City program, which assists individual property owners with the purchase and installation of solar energy systems, continues to accept participants.  In 2016 regional council approved the extension of the program to include expanded solar technology options for an additional three-year period. The program now provides property owners with three solar energy installation options; solar hot water, solar hot air and solar photovoltaic (PV). The new Solar City website is available at: www.halifax.ca/solarcity.

Solar City facilitates the purchase of solar energy systems for individual property owners by directing them to local solar energy industry experts and offering financing for qualified property owners through a voluntary local improvement charge. Qualified Solar City participants can finance all or part of the cost to purchase and install the solar energy system through the municipality. Repayment can take place over a maximum 10-year period; payments are collected through pre-authorized transactions on a frequency to be determined by the property owner.

EnCom has solar electric solutions on offer for every application.  We supply and also install prepackaged and tailor designed solar electric systems of varying sizes to  property owners using the best equipment available to provide the highest quality energy solutions. We look forward to assisting new clients as they strive to rely less on fossil fuels for water heating (through solar hot water preheat systems) and move towards energy independence by generating electricity with a grid-connected solar electric system.