Wholesale Distribution - Solar Components

EnCom is pleased to announce it is now distributing it's prepackaged "EnCom 300" solar thermal CSA F-379 certified-system.  This system is comprised of:  one collector (30 evacauted tubes), one solar preheat tank (dual-coil, super insulated), an adjustable mount, a single line pumping station, a solar controller, an expansion tank, and an installation guide.  We are able to ship this system across Canada within 24 hours of receiving the order. 

EnCom is also pleased to announce it is expanding it's distribution arm to include it's CSA certified super insulated stainless steel solar tanks which currently come in two sizes:  60 gallon (100l) and 80 gallon (200l).  

Call today for details 902.860.0081

CSA Certifications of Compliance: CoFC_2470170_3.pdf & Cert_Record_No_249348_2.pdf

80gallon (300l) Tank Specification:  80_Gallon_Tank_Overview.pdf