Residential & Light Commercial Heat Pumps


EnCom has on offer a few leading brands that best match the needs of it's diverse customer base.  One of the top preferred brands being LG™ which consistently outperforms amongst its peers due to their strong and long reputation within the HVAC industry and numerous proprietary features not found in other heat pump manufacturers in the market.

Standard single-zone mini-split systems with low-profile wall-mounted indoor units for easy, ductless installation. Multi-zone systems are available, call today to request a free site assessment to determine what size and style is right for you.  For clients currently heating their homes electrically, low interest loans and cash incentives are available on approved high performance single and multi zone systems.

LG™ stands out amongst the various branded heat pumps on the market by offering more to those who choose their products including:

-      Longer warranties 

-      LG Goldfin™ anti-corrosion technology  - in outdoor unit, the surface of the heat exchanger is coated with this anti-corrosive treatment on aluminum to ensure its surface is corrosion resistant = better performance and longer life

-      LG™ units have a variable speed compressor = instead of shutting down when temperature is reached, the inverter compressor will continue to operate at a low speed to maintain the temperature

-      LG™ systems have an auto-restart function = programming setting after a power failure event

-      LG indoor units have neo-plasma air filtration system with four stages: anti-bacterial filter, plasma ionizer, plasma micro-dust filter, and plasma deodorizing filter = good for anyone with allergies or for properties with carpeting/pets

-      LG™ has lower operating thresholds - the efficiency ratings are affected as the temperatures drop but the LG units will keep on trucking in the worst weather without cutting out as many units do once the temperature reaches -15C

-      LG™ offers superior SEER, EER and HSPF ratings

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