Solar Supply & Installation

EnCom manufactures, supplies and installs the high performing solar thermal evacuated tube collectors which are capable of providing domestic hot water heating, space heating (for in floor, baseboard or radiator applications) and pool heating.   The Company has hundreds of regional installations within the residential and commercial landscape. 

Click on the following video link to hear more about our products and services and to see a system in action:  

Evacuated Glass Solar Tubes are the key components of Evacuated Glass Tube Solar Water Heaters, Solar Water Heating Systems. The evacuated glass solar tubes, having the best possible insulation - a vacuum jacket, which allow sunlight to pass through freely but stop thoroughly the thermal heat transfer, are featuring high efficiency, low heat loss and longer life time.

For over a decade, EnCom, has partnered with SunRain to provide Atlantic Canada with one of the top performing evacuated collectors in the world.  In the spring of 2017 Natural Resources Canada's CanmetENERGY signed a $5million dollar agreement with SunRain to accelerate the commercial development of solar-heated communities across China and the world.  Read the PR here:;87;142;87 

Save by purchasing complete systems for both Domestic and Space Heat/Domestic application. Our packaged kits come complete with Solar Collectors, mounting brackets, storage tank, circulator, controllers and install instructions. Contact EnCom today to recommend and install a system perfectly suited to your requirements and location.

In addition, EnCom has been in the business of providing solar photovoltaic grid tie and off grid energy solutions for clients for a number of years.  As the price of electricity increases more and more people are getting interested in taking control of their own power needs either by producing a percentage of their daily load or by generating their whole load at their cottage or cabin; as the efficiency of solar photovoltaic modules increases and their prices decrease, more and more people are taking their energy needs into their own hands.