Customer Testimonials

Client Praises Clean and Efficient Installation

Kelly, Your crew was here and had installation complete in 1.5 hrs. They were friendly, efficient and professional. They explained what they had completed and if there were any issues to contact EnCom and they would be resolved. They left the work site clean and show they're very respectful of property and have high work standards. To have employees that provide excellent customer service and show this from arrival to departure ensures EnCom is successful. I will definitely speak highly of you and your staff. Cheers, Stephen

-Mr. Koch - Bedford, Nova Scotia

Another Satisfied Generator Client

Excellent customer service! Kelly and the entire EnCom crew are highly professional and committed to getting their work done right. They are quick to offer customer support and assistance anytime I have had a question or concern, even after regular business hours. I am glad I trusted EnCom with protecting my home’s power supply. Jim Barker

-Mr. Barker - HRM, Nova Scotia

Client Chooses EnCom... Twice!

Kiho and I just wanted to take a minute and let you know how much we appreciate everything for both of our installs. One of our concerns with getting a heat pump was the amount of cutting that would be required to install the unit, Phil has to have the cleanest, most efficient and organized method of doing that install that I have ever seen. And the bonus, no mess other than a little bit of dust! Kiho and I will be recommending Encom to any friends/family that are looking for a unit that you might install, you have an amazing group of people working with you. Thank you so much! Corrine and Kiho Song

-HRM, Nova Scotia

EnCom Installs Two of Atlantic Canada's Largest Solar Thermal Systems for Killam Properties

Atlantic Canada's Top Residential Landlord Chooses EnCom to Supply Evacuated Tube Solar Thermal Systems for Select Apartment Buildings in the Halifax Regional Municipality.


NSHBA Builder of the Year 2011, Rooftight Construction, Chooses EnCom!

I have been utilizing the talents of Kelly Lunn at EnCom for over two years and am very happy with the products that have been integrated into my custom homes. EnCom is a forward thinking company that pushes the envelope, but always within the industry parameters. They go above and beyond what is expected of them and are very knowledgeable in their industry. Truly a professional group of people who compliment the products we offer our discerning clients.

-Scott Smith, President, Rooftight Construction

EnCom tops "in terms of knowledge, price and professionalism"

"With respect to standby generators in Nova Scotia, the best guy I was able to find in terms of knowledge, price and professionalism is Kelly Lunn from EnCom Group. We bought our generator from another retailer and had way too many problems trying to get the installation completed and the thing working. Happily for us, Kelly was able to fix it up and it would have cost us less in the long run if we had known about him and gone to him directly in the first place. He does turnkey installations. A gas installation company did the initial propane installation and conversion from natural gas for the unit and messed it up. We had also tried to get service from another generator supplier, but they proved not to be very knowledgeable about the product and were unable to fix the conversion. Kelly did that conversion for us correctly and efficiently and also repaired a failed component that was probably damaged by all the failed attempts to start it that other guys made." Jim Pyra Pyra Management Consulting Services Inc.

-Jim Pyra, Halifax

EnCom Generac Technician Provides Excellent Service... again!

"I would like to express my sincere thank you to both yourself and your staff, in particular Jay and Karen, for their assistance in the ordering, delivery and installation of our new Generac generator. Only too often, letters of complaint are written and forwarded to business owners or managers, while the high quality work and conscientious individuals who provide excellence in service goes without the appropriate recognition. Karen and Jay provided polite, professional and personal service to both my wife and I and made the purchase of our generator simple and enjoyable. Your staff's knowledge of the product and their professional approach to the customer is commendable. The insistence on complete customer satisfaction and attention to detail has been exceptional. Your business has certainly met my expectations and I will have no hesitations in recommending your company to any of my friends, family and colleagues. I look forward to dealing with you and the EnCom staff in the future." Robert B. Fraser Dalhousie University

-Robert Fraser, Dalhousie University

Happy Truro Client

"When the sun was out the day after the panels were installed we took four showers first thing in the morning and the furnace didn't run at all, we did a load of dishes around noon & the furnace never ran, two more showers later in the day as well. WOW! I have noticed that the furnace has been running the last couple days but I think it's due to it being so overcast. Even though it runs , it's definitely not running as long when it does. This is great. I think it should be mandatory that panels be installed in new home construction! They are amazing. Rod was great to work with & explained things as progress was made with the installation. Your guys all seem very happy and intent on doing a good job. Also, thank you for taking the time to come here personally to see us at the very start. It's nice to see the owner take so much interest in his customers. I would recommend you & your company to anyone that is looking to do solar. Feel free to have anyone that is interested in a solar install in Truro to give me a call. I'd be happy to tell them how well it works. Time to save for that vertical access windmill. Thanks again." Wade Custance Power & Telephone Supply, Account Manager

-Wade Custance, Power & Telephone Supply