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GENERATORS:  As a Generac Authorized dealer proudly serving Nova Scotians for more than ten years, EnCom Alternative Energy Solutions Ltd. of Dartmouth, NS brings you peace of mind with a full line of reliable Generac products backed by world-class service and support. Explore our product selection then contact us so we can help you select the Generac solution that's just right for you.


SOLAR HOT WATER SYSTEMS:  As a manufacturer, distributor, supplier and installer of evacuated tube solar thermal systems, EnCom is able to provide many options to meet your solar hot water system needs whether you are a residential, commercial or industrial client. We carry all certified CSA components and CSA F379 certified systems that qualify for all incentives currently available through Efficiency Nova Scotia. For homes and businesses currently heating their water with electricity, EnCom's systems  qualify for rebates and low interest loans currently on offer from Efficiency Nova Scotia.


SOLAR ELECTRIC SYSTEMS:  As a supplier and installer of solar photovoltaic systems we are able to design and size a solar photovoltaic package with or without a standby Generac generator to best meet your on or off grid power needs.  Through participation in the Halifax Solar City program, we are able to provide homeowners solar electric systems of a variety of sizes to produce a certain output of electricity that best meets their budget.


MINI-SPLIT HEAT PUMP SYSTEMS:  As an installer of mini-split heat pump systems, we are eager to help business and homeowners start slashing electricity or oil costs by using the highly efficient, refrigerant-based ductless heat pump units to replace their energy-sucking, inefficient baseboard or oil-fuelled systems.  At present we carry premier and mid-tier product lines to meet the needs and budgets of all clients.  For clients currently space heating with electricity, rebates or low interest loans are currently available through Efficiency Nova Scotia; we will happily walk you through their preapproval application process.



EnCom stands by it's motto, Energy Solutions to Benefit our Global Community, by offering our clients a wide range of systems to help reduce our collective, global energy footprint. 

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EnCom Alternative Energy Solutions Ltd., your authorized Generac Generator dealer

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Kelly, Your crew was here and had installation complete in 1.5 hrs. They were friendly, efficient and professional. They explained what they had completed and if there were any issues to contact EnCom and they would be resolved. They left the work site clean and show they're very respectful of property and have high work standards. To have employees that provide excellent customer service and show this from arrival to departure ensures EnCom is successful. I will definitely speak highly of you and your staff. Cheers, Stephen Mr. Koch - Bedford, Nova Scotia

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